Pathways Prep is an international professional development program dedicated to supporting school leaders and teachers around the globe in their professional growth and success.

Pathways Foundation's Leadership Development program is built around seven core competencies related to educational leadership and best practices that encompass key knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for effective educational leadership and practices. As such, its delivery provides for an intensive collaborative learning experience.

Participant are provided with access to an extensive online repository of learning materials, activities, case studies and resources designed to equip them with knowledge and skills essential for effective school leadership. Participants develop an understanding of key concepts like education policy, technology and finance while building their capacity to develop visionary leadership, make strategic decisions and manage change effectively.

Pathways Prepare is designed to incorporate seven core competencies, which include:

1. Nurture Leadership
2. Create Vision and Strategie
3 Facilitate Learning and Teaching
4 Integrate Technology
5. Understand Business Principles
6. Apply Best Practices
7 Value Diversity.

In addition to core competencies, Pathways Prepare offers additional modules and topics such as professional ethics, instructional leadership, data-driven decision making and communicability.

Participants are encouraged to gain an in-depth knowledge of these areas and apply it in their day-to-day operations. This program creates an ideal learning environment, where each participant can explore and acquire all necessary knowledge and abilities necessary for school leadership success.

This program provides an ideal setting to share experiences and gain from those of others - an essential way of growing as individuals, leaders and professionals alike. Pathways Prepare is an all-in-one activity tracking platform created to support individuals on their path towards college education.

Packed full with tools that give both individuals and their families all of the guidance and information necessary for college success, Pathways Prepare can guide individuals toward college.

Pathways Prepare allows students to:

* Create and complete their personalized college planning profiles

* View, Track and Analyse their test scores

* Search and Narrow Down their List of schools

* Stay organized by tracking college application progress.

* Stay on top of things by tracking application submission progress.

* Calculate college costs.

Receive academic guidance regarding how to prepare for college The platform also gives parents and guardians tools that enable them to understand their child's college options, monitor progress and stay aware of deadlines and timelines.

Pathways Prepare provides college counselors a way to offer personalized advice and guidance as their students go through their college planning journey. Students using Pathways Prepare can quickly gain access to up-to-date college information, receive advice regarding college selection processes, compare cost/availability arrangements among various institutions quickly - helping keep the process on track for graduation!

Finally, Pathways Prepare can also make life simpler as its platform helps make sure each step in preparation is accomplished successfully and on schedule.

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