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Finish Your Degree

woman in cap and gown with degree

Explore options to finish a degree that you already started.

Once you have decided to go back to college, your options do not end there. Below are options to finish what you have started.

  • Go back to the college where you started to finish your degree. Check with the admissions office before you finalized your plans. Some schools will have time limits for completing requirements. Also make sure the school still offers your program. Search for college programs.
  • Transfer previously earned credits to a new school. Sometimes this can help you finish your degree faster and save you money. Learn how to transfer your credits.
  • Whether you return to your previous school or choose a new one, look into getting credit for other learning you have done. This can include things like work experience, non-credit courses, and military or professional training. Learn more about credit for prior learning.

Why Finish Your Degree?

Going back to school is a big decision. It takes time, money, and commitment. But there are many benefits to finishing what you started. Some of these benefits include:

  • Higher salary
    Most college graduates earn more money than those who stop at a high school diploma. See the numbers.
  • Job security
    Experts suggest that in the future, there will be more jobs for educated workers than people who are qualified. Unemployment rates also tend to be lower for people with more education.
  • More opportunities
    Going back to school means you will meet new people, explore your interests, and learn new things. You might also meet people who can help you advance your career or find a new job.