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Plan Your Education

three adult students sitting in a classroom

Find resources to explore your education options and set your training goal.

Once you have explored careers and set a career goal, it is time to plan your education to help you get there. Planning your education is about exploring your training options and understanding the steps to make it happen.

Why Should You Plan Your Education?

  • Employers hire people with skills that match their job needs.
  • Employers keep and promote people who are serious about expanding their skills.
  • Many good jobs require training such as a degree or a certification.
  • If your job ends, you'll have a better chance to get a new one with updated skills.

Plan Your Education Checklist

The activities below are ways to plan your education. Try some or all of the activities to help you create your ultimate education goal.

Use this printable Plan Your Education Checklist (77KB, .pdf) to track your progress.