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Get Ready for Your Next Job

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Setting goals will help you see the steps needed for a satisfying future.

Goals are things you want to accomplish or change in your life. It takes effort and organization to make and accomplish goals. Goals also help create a clear path to what you would like to do.

Set a Career Goal

Is your goal a new job or advancement within your current career? How do you get there? What job do you want?

  • Explore Careers
    Find resources to explore your career options and set your career goal.
  • Refresh Your Skills
    Understand how to evaluate the skills you already have. Find out which skills you might need to work on to achieve your goals.

Set an Education Goal

Now that you have a career goal in mind, what education and training is needed to make it happen?

  • Plan Your Education
    Find resources to explore your education options and set your training goal.
  • Get Your GED
    Many jobs require you to have your GED or an adult high school diploma before applying. Learn how to get your GED or diploma.
  • Prepare for Entrance & Placement Exams
    Some schools use exams to see how ready you are for college-level work. Get details about these entrance and placement exams and how they are used by schools.

Reality Check

Are your future goals realistic? Do you have the resources to make them happen? Budgeting can be an important reality check as you plan for the future.

  • Create a Budget
    Make plans for your money so that you can meet your needs today and in the future.