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Get Your GED

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Many jobs require you to have your GED or an adult high school diploma before applying.

Learn how to get your GED or diploma. Most colleges require one or the other to enroll.

What Does GED Mean?

GED stands for General Educational Development. The GED is seen as equal to a high school diploma by most colleges and employers.

What is a GED?

The GED is five tests. Passing all five parts of the GED is the same as completing high school. To earn a diploma from high school you must successfully finish four years of school. There is a lot of information to learn for the GED tests.

Plan to Earn Your GED Soon?

Right now, the GED is five written tests. To earn a GED, you must pass all five tests:

  1. Language Arts: Writing (a sentence structure test and an essay test)
  2. Social Studies
  3. Science
  4. Language Arts: Reading
  5. Math

You can take each test one at a time. If you do not pass a test you can take it two more times within one year. Once you have passed all five tests, you have earned your GED diploma.

Plan to Earn Your GED in the Future?

The GED tests will change in the year 2014. You must finish and pass all parts of the tests, and receive an overall required score of 2250 by December 31, 2013. If you do not, you will have to start over with the new version of the test.

Starting in January 2014, the GED tests will be given only by computer. Also, there will be two essays instead of the one that is now required. The new tests are being built around the Common Core State Standards. Some believe that the new tests will be more difficult than the current GED tests.

Need GED Help?

Adult Basic Education (ABE) Programs offer free classes to help Minnesota residents prepare for the GED tests. You can also take the tests at official GED test sites run by ABE programs.

To find an ABE program, go to the Minnesota Literacy Council website. It has a search tool to help you learn about ABE programs in your area.

What is an Adult High School Diploma?

An adult high school diploma is an option that enables an adult no longer enrolled in public education to complete the required courses and/or activities to earn a diploma. A local high school will schedule classes and determine the course requirements needed to meet Minnesota standards. Some adults will be able to finish their outstanding credits much quicker through an adult high school diploma program than to prepare and take the GED exams.


To learn more about the adult high school diploma, contact an ABE program in your area.