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Find Short-Term Training Options

Short-term training lasts one year or less.

There are many types of short-term training. It includes seminars, workshops, continuing education classes, personal enrichment courses, non-credit courses, and some college diploma and certificate programs.

Benefits of Short-Term Training

Short-term training is an attractive choice for some students. Short-term options typically cost less than more formal, longer-term training. Short-term training programs are updated often and can adjust to the demands of the job market. These shorter-term options are sometimes all you need to enhance your skill set or quickly react to the needs of a particular job opening or employer.

Below are options to search for short-term programs, courses, and certifications.

Short-term programs and courses last one year or less.

  • A program is a series or combination of courses covering related skills or topics. It usually ends with a credential such as a degree or a certification.
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  • A course is one of a series of lessons or class meetings. A course may be part of an education program. It usually includes regularly scheduled class sessions.
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Certifications are exams that test your skills or knowledge. They are tied to occupations or industries. Search for certifications.