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Step Two: Explore

With your career goal in mind, the next step is to explore schools and training that will be a good fit for you, and help you achieve your goals.

Minnesota schools offer quality places to get training, complete a degree, or improve your basic skills. Use the search options below to find the training that fits you best.

Find Colleges Near Me

Location is an important factor when choosing a school. Search for options that are close by.

Find College Programs

If you know the degree you are after, use this search to find schools that offer it.

Find Short-Term Training Options

Short-term training lasts one year or less. Explore short-term programs, courses, and other opportunities.

Find Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is an employer's formal training program. It combines on-the-job learning with technical instruction for a specific trade. Use this tool to search for registered apprenticeships.

Find Training by Career

Search for training options that match your career goal.

Don't have a career goal in mind yet? Sometimes it can be easier to narrow down your education and training options by exploring careers first.