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Find Degree Requirements

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Completion of an academic program includes planning and understanding the requirements.

Degree requirements are what you need to do complete an academic program. This can be the completion of a degree, diploma, or certificate. The school may have graduation requirements. Plus the program may have its own requirements.

A common requirement is having a certain number of credits or semester hours. Earning a specific grade level or grade point average (GPA) is another common requirement. Remember these two things about requirements:

  • Every school will have its own graduation requirements
  • Every program will have its own program requirements

Gather details from both the school you attend and your program department for specific details. Some schools will have time limits for completing requirements.

How Can I Track My Requirements?

Students at Minnesota state colleges and universities or the University of Minnesota can use DARS, the Degree Audit Reporting System. DARS is an online system that provides students with current and accurate course information. This information can be used for undergraduate degree and program planning. Some schools also include their graduate degree information. With DARS you can see:

  • Courses and requirements already completed for your declared major at the school you are attending
  • Courses and requirements you still need to complete for your major
  • Course options to help with registration planning
  • How previously taken transfer courses and approved academic petitions and exceptions apply toward your graduation requirements. Learn more about how to transfer your credits.

Where Can I Find DARS?

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities students can access DARS via the student information web portal. University of Minnesota students can find DARS through the Academic Progress Audit System (APAS).

Students attending other schools should contact an adviser or the registrar's office for assistance in tracking degree progress.