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Apply to Schools

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The first step to going to school is to apply. Find resources to help you complete the application process successfully.

The most important tip for applying to schools is the same no matter what age you are. Every college and job training program has different policies. Check with a school's admissions office for the exact details.

General Tips for Adults

Follow these steps for a smooth application process:

  1. Schedule a campus visit or attend an admissions event for adult learners.
  2. Make an appointment with someone in student services or admissions that supports adult learners. They can help you navigate the admissions process. Use this time to talk about credit for prior learning or credit transfer, if they apply to you.
  3. Order transcripts from any previous colleges you attended or from your high school.
  4. Take any required entrance or placement exams . You may not need to take the ACT or SAT as an adult, but the college may have other requirements.
  5. Complete the admissions application. Often this can be done online.

    Not all admission requirements are needed for adults. You might want to include your resume, a list of education you've had since high school, or an online portfolio with your application. A letter of recommendation from an employer, supervisor, or coworker can be used in place of a letter from a school counselor.
  6. Apply for financial aid. Read more details about how to pay for school.
  7. Once accepted, make an advising or counselor appointment to help choose your class schedule and make a graduation plan.
  8. Register for classes.

Additional Resources

Use the resources below for general advice about applying to school.

Resource Use if I'm looking for... Source
Succeed as an Adult Student Several education-related articles with specific advice for adult students. Minnesota Office of Higher Education
Apply to College General application advice, with links to common online applications. CAREERwise Education