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Information for Advisers

Advisers and educators, use this information to add to your curriculum and self-guided tools.

This website helps adults plan for their future education and careers. The information on this site supports the work of counselors, adult educators, human resources staff, and other career professionals who assist adult learners.


This website was developed to help motivate adult job seekers and career changers to discover career and educational paths. It is meant to introduce or contextualize concepts and resources needed for an "older" student to choose an education or training option that will advance them in their career pathway.

Youth, teens, and traditional-aged college students can find college information on MN Programs of Study.

How to Use Minnesota Career Pathways

Minnesota Career Pathways is a guide to find the information needed to start a college or apprenticeship program, or earn a high school diploma, college degree, graduate degree, or other credential.

This website is uniquely designed to direct job seekers and students to resources from the Minnesota State Colleges and University system, Career and Technical Education, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Minnesota Department of Education's Adult Basic Education programs, and other organizations working with adult students and job seekers.

Minnesota Career Pathways can be used one-on-one or in a workshop setting.

Step One: Help adults to identify which content area fits their needs.

  • Get Ready for Your Next Job is for people who want to increase their employability skills. This includes low-skilled workers wanting to prepare for higher-wage occupations. This section is also for adults who need to earn their high school diploma or GED.
  • New to College is for adults with no formal education beyond high school who are considering enrolling in college or formal job training program for the first time. This section will help them to choose the right program to fit their career goals.
  • Go Back to College is for people who have some college experience but did not complete a degree program. It is also for adults looking for graduate and advanced degrees to further their careers.

Step Two: Help adults find the education or training that fit their goals.

Step Three: Help adults to apply and enroll in college or job training programs.

  • Assess the potential students' needs and possible barriers to choose the most relevant content for them.
  • All pages link to trusted state and national resources.

Workshop Resources

The Toolkit for Teachers &amp Career Advisers on the MN Programs of Study website offers instructional and advising resources for educators and workforce professionals. The toolkit has free:

  • PDFs of activities and worksheets
  • lists of videos related to education and career planning
  • websites and electronic resources
  • quick tip reference guides

All resources in the toolkit can be replicated and used with students and job seekers. See About Activities for terms of use and other details.