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Step Three: Act

With your career and education goals in mind, it's time to put your plans in action.

It may be time for you to act, but you don't have to do it alone. Use the tips and resources below that are available to help you be successful.

Apply to Schools

Get tips on applying to school and how to do it successfully.

Prepare for Entrance & Placement Exams

Some schools use exams to see how ready you are for college-level work. Get details about these entrance and placement exams and how they are used by schools.

Pay for School

Don't rule out school because of the costs. Get tips for how to pay for college and training.

Help on Campus

Find the resources on campus available for adult students.

Employment Training Programs

Learn about the state and federal programs available to help adults get training and find jobs.

Special Audiences

Audience-specific resources are available for some adults. Find resources for adults with criminal convictions, people with disabilities, veterans, and others.

Find Support Services

Many adults need help overcoming obstacles in their way of achieving career and educational goals. Find resources to help you.